Butter croissant 2.8 oz.Butter chocolate croissant 3.0 oz.Butter hazelnut chocolate croissant 3.4 oz

Butter croissant 2.8 oz. Butter croissant 2.8 oz.

Butter Croissant 80 g
As a result of high butter content this typically curved butter croissant tastes just great.

Butter chocolate croissant 3.0 oz.
Butter chocolate croissant 3.0 oz.

Butter Shoko Croissant 85 g
A rectangular butter croissant with two dark chocolate bars.

Butter hazelnut chocolate croissant 3.4 ozButter hazelnut chocolate croissant 3.4 oz.

Butter Haselnuss Schoko Croissant 95 g
This butter croissant with a fine hazelnut chocolate filling is simply delicious.

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