XXL Brinkchen 2.8 oz."Kaiser" roll  2.5 oz.Mediterranean "B" Nuts 10.5 oz.Pumpkin multi seed roll 2.5 oz.High fibre roll 2.5 oz.Protein roll 2.5 oz.

XXL Brinkchen 2.8 oz.XXL Brinkchen 2.8 oz.

XXL Brinkchen  80 g
The Forscher bread roll is a German classic roll with a delicate aromatic crumb and a cracky splintering crust.
with wheat-based sponge pre-dough

"Kaiser" roll  2.5 oz.
"Kaiser" roll  2.5 oz.

Kaisersemmel 70 g

This crispy wheat roll with a star-shape top is a German classic.
with wheat-based sponge pre-dough

Poppy seed roll 2.5 oz.
Poppy seed roll 2.5 oz.

Mohnbroetchen 70 g
A crispy roll with a model starshaped top decorated with poppy seeds.
with wheat-based sponge pre-dough

Pumpkin multi seed roll 2.5 oz.
Pumpkin multi seed roll 2.5 oz.

Junior Vital Broetchen 70 g
This roll is sprinkled with pumpkin seeds and contains soy seeds, sesame seeds, linseed and pumpkin seeds up to a total of 30%.

High fibre roll 2.5 oz.
High fibre roll 2.5 oz.

Kornspitz 70 g
This bread roll with sesame and linseed has a fibre content of over 7%.

Protein roll 2.5 oz.
Protein roll 2.5 oz.

Eiweissbroetchen 70 g
This soy-seed roll contains plenty of protein and has a very low carb value.

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